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About Jim

I’m a Brisbane-based painter specialising in landscapes and an active member of the Sandgate Art Society.

My work is the result of a decades-long fascination with art, travelling the globe to see not just the great galleries but the great sights, art as it appears in nature. With this desire to take in as much inspiration from every corner of Australia and the wider world has come a thirst to develop my craft ever further through courses in Visual Art at QUT and TAFE.


More so than any course or gallery, though, I find inspiration at home. Residing and working in my studio on the foreshore at Sandgate, I see the ebbing and flowing tides and the ever changing weather infuse itself into my art. Just as Sandgate is a peaceful spot of refuge from the rest of the world, I endeavour to create places of tranquility within my work, somewhere to explore and to slowly become enveloped in.

Coming from a career spent as a musician, I see art as coming together in much the same way as a complex piece of music. The best pieces have a certain depth and intricacy to them that keeps you coming back to them, there’s always something new to discover in them. 

My paintings’ realist style capture this feeling not just in natural landscapes but through explorations of the built environment. My fascination with architecture, from terrace houses in Sydney to villages in Norway and the patterns and textures hidden throughout China and Morocco, has taken me through the secret pathways of our world to find the mystery and wonder of it that we rarely see. 

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